Online Video Consultation - AVAILABLE

For those who want initial advice on an injury without having to arrange to come into clinic. An email with details regarding your appointment will be sent after making a booking.

*Please note as we cannot conduct a physical examination, you will not receive a diagnosis. Instead advice will be given as a result of the following below.

We can still go through your symptoms/what you've been experiencing.

We can still do some testing/functional movements.

We can still go through exercises.

We can still give you professional advice to help you get better.

Appointment Types:

30 Minutes - FREE OF CHARGE

Initial Sports Therapy Consultation - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

This appointment is broken down into 3 parts within the 60 minutes.  

1. Verbal Consultation -  Before the assessment begins, a quick consultation is needed to get the history behind the pain or injury you have been experiencing.

2. Full Assessment - After a quick detailed consultation, a full assessment can begin. This will consist of a variety of different movements and special tests to determine the problem. Each client will receive feedback from myself on the findings from the assessment. 

3. Treatment/Rehabilitation - Each client is given a specific rehabilitation plan to help their injury. This may not just be exercises but any other advice that is appropriate. Treatment will be advised if it's of benefit to your particular injury. If you do require treatment for your injury, this is usually at the end of the session. Depending on the complexity of the injury, time may not allow for treatment in the initial consultation. 

Appointment Types:

60 Minutes - £55.00


During this session you will receive the appropriate treatment or exercises needed to rehabilitate your injury. The plan for each session will always be discussed with you first, so you will always know what we are doing and why! Depending on the problem, treatment could include any of the following: Sports Massage, Mobilisations, Medical Acupuncture, Rehab Exercises or Taping.

Appointment Types: 

30 Minutes - £35

45 Minutes - £42

60 Minutes - £50


A specific deep tissue massage. Particularly useful before/after an event/exercise. Sports massage can also be used to help relieve pain/stiffness thats not associated with exercise.

Appointment Types:

30 Minutes - £35

45 Minutes - £42

60 Minutes - £50

Sports Massage Race Package - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

For a one off fee you will receive TWO Sport Massage Sessions, a PRE and POST race Sports Massage using Activ7 Recovery Oil.

Pre Race - Will help you recover from all the training in the build up to race day.

Post Race - To ease any tight or tired muscles after the big race. 

This package is available all year round, the only thing we require is proof of race entry.

Appointment Types: 

30 Minutes/£52.50

60 Minutes/£75

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