How it all started....

I first realised I wanted to go into the Sports Therapy profession when I was young. I suffered from a variety of injuries and often found myself on the receiving end of Sports Therapy treatment. I soon started to realise that I wanted to help others that have been in the same position as me....in pain. 

Since qualifying in 2015, I've worked in multiple clinics around Cambridgeshire, seeing a wide variety of occupational and sporting injuries. I've also provided Sports Therapy services in multiple sports such as Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball and even the GB Paralympic Goalball team. 

Over the last 6 years I have seen a lot of running injuries, it is an area that I have experience in. Being based in a running store does help with that! I often speak to customers in the shop about aches, pains and injuries they have. Whenever I am free, my door is always open!

My experience doesn't stop there, I have also helped develop future Sports Therapists at the University of Essex. My role as Clinical Supervisor meant I had to support and mentor 3rd year students treating clients. 

What can you expect from Shaw Sports Therapy?

I will always take the time to listen to each client during every appointment. I will then endeavour to find the cause of the problem and construct a specific treatment plan for your injury.

I never stop learning! I am always doing workshops, courses and readings to better my knowledge. This particular profession is always changing with new research coming out all the time. In order for me to give each patient the best experience, I need to make sure I am staying up to date.

  • BSc (HONS) Sports Therapy - Coventry University 

  • Certificate in MA (Medical Acupuncture)

  • Certificate in Osteopathic Spinal Manipulation

  • Member of The Society of Sports Therapists